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By Chris, Apr 6 2017 03:55PM

Aging brings changes to your sleep quality & quantity – are you prepared?

Growing older is a gift, but it’s hard to look at it that way when you consider the widespread belief that a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible the older we get. While the quality and quantity of sleep may shift as we age, the reality is older people sleep just fine – and often better than their younger counterparts.

By Chris, Dec 1 2016 04:47PM

With the holidays right around the corner, I've been thinking about why some houses work so well for a party. It's not the holiday-themed decor or even the food or drink, because if the party is really good, few remember those details.


The best parties are the ones where there are lots of places for wandering, for hanging out, for intimate conversations and for talking to new people. Your house might not be laid out for entertaining on a daily basis, but you can always rearrange the furniture to make it more party-friendly. And while you're at it, since it's a given that everyone always ends up in the kitchen, it's also a good idea to look for ways to spread the food and bar tables into other rooms to encourage people to mingle.

By Chris, Oct 4 2016 08:01PM

As a busy professional, there may be times when you find that you are stressed, exhausted and wondering what it’s all about. Perhaps you are struggling to balance family and career, or find time and energy to look after yourself properly. Well if you are feeling stressed, here are some tips to help!

Here are five simple tips that can help you unfrazzle your life:

By Chris, Aug 2 2016 02:07PM

Sleep facts 101 – and some foolish myths debunked

Sleep plays a crucial part in our lives and it’s fascinating how much we don’t know about snoozing (my goodness, we spend 8 hours per night doing it). So many questions bubble up when we think about sleep – the biggest one is why do we do it?

We set out to uncover the most jaw-dropping facts about sleep.

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