You deserve to sleep comfortably every night. That’s why choosing a good mattress is so important. Come visit Home Furniture’s main showroom at 557 West Eads Parkway to find your perfect mattress.

Our bedding gallery has a full line of innerspring, latex, memory foam, hybrids, and adjustable beds offered by Restonic. With an award winning mattress lineup and great product warranties, we are confident you’ll find your dream bed!

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The Comfortcare Lineup

Adjustable Beds

We carry a variety of adjustable bases available in multiple sizes that are compatible with most mattresses. All adjustable bases will come with a wireless or wired remote control.

Safety features such as automatic safety stop upon weight overload and power down feature in the event of power loss are available are certain models.

There is an attached power strip for extra power supply on all models.

Product availability may vary. Contact us for the most current availability on adjustable bases.

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